Tech List

Berkeley has a wealth of technology-related resources, learning opportunities, and events to take advantage of. Visit to explore what is available to you!  The TechList is just a short starter pack of top things we recommend those who are new/unfamiliar with UC Berkeley to do. This list is mainly a comprehensive place to gain more information on things like wifi, online security, and other resources.

Things To Do:

1.  Get tech resources, help, and updates from Student Tech Services  (link is external)

2. Learn about the different types of wifi(link is external)

3.  Learn more about privacy, and keeping your data safe.

       -  Security Basics(link is external) 

       -  CalNet 2 Step(link is external), protect your CalNet ID 

4 .  Connect to campus resources from off campus 

       - VPN(link is external) 

5.  Get the most from your campus accounts 

       -  Sync your CalNet(link is external) to make sure you can access library computers and other campus resources

       -  bCal Sync(link is external), sync your campus calendar

6. Download the different FREE software.(link is external)

        - Microsoft, Adobe, MatLab, and OS upgrades

7. Find tech support

        - CalCentral Support(link is external)

               - get help with questions about CalCentral

        - Tech Support from Student Tech Services 

                - In person in Moffitt Library and Academic Centers(link is external) 

                - Online and over the phone (link is external)

8. Places to check out:

        - More Tech Resources(link is external) on campus 

        - Moffitt Library(link is external): get help, check out equipment, reserve a study room, explore the makerspace

         - Amazon Lockers(link is external): Prime 6 months free with .edu email