Introducing Student Technology Services (formerly ResComp)

May 2, 2017

A Message from ResComp:

We are pleased to let you know that, since we have started offering our tech support services to all students on campus, we are renaming the Residential Computing program to be Student Technology Services. This name change reflects our expansion beyond the residence halls and our additional focus of helping students navigate the technology services and resources available at Berkeley. We have just launched our new website, please check it out!

For almost twenty years, ReComp has been the resource for comprehensive, student-to-student technical support in the residence halls. As of August 2016, thanks to sponsorship from the Student Technology Fund, we began providing these services to all students on campus with the launch of our helpdesk in Moffitt Library. Students can now bring their questions and devices to this location for in-person tech support, in addition to any of our drop-in support desks in the residence halls. We also continue to provide support over the phone at (510) 642-HELP (Monday-Friday, 9am-6pm) and via email (available any time), as well as one-on-one appointments for campus housing residents.

Now that our drop-in service is available in a central campus location and not just within campus housing, Student Technology Services will serve as the primary technical support resources for students at Berkeley.

In addition to providing in-person tech support, Student Technology Services will focus on raising students’ awareness of all the technology-related resources the campus has to offer, including computer labs and printing, campus-provided software, learning opportunities, and tech-focused clubs and organizations. Our new website includes an online resource that details these services in a centralized location, aimed at helping you find and utilize the various resources available to you.

With our expansion and rebranding of ResComp to Student Technology Services, our goal continues to be to contribute to your academic success at Berkeley during your time in and outside of the residence halls and campus apartments. We will be continually evaluating and improving the services we provide, and we look forward to your feedback.

- Student Tech Services (formerly ResComp)