Things To Do:

1.  Get tech resources, help, and updates from Student Tech Services  

2. Learn about the different types of wifi

3.  Learn more about privacy, and keeping your data safe.

       -  Security Basics 

       -  CalNet 2 Step, protect your CalNet ID 

4 .  Connect to campus resources from off campus 

       - VPN 

5.  Get the most from your campus accounts 

       -  Sync your CalNet to make sure you can access library computers and other campus resources

       -  bCal Sync, sync your campus calendar

6. Download the different FREE software.

        - Microsoft, Adobe, MatLab, and OS upgrades

7. Find tech support

        - CalCentral Support

               - get help with questions about CalCentral

        - Tech Support from Student Tech Services 

                - In person in Moffitt Library and Academic Centers 

                - Online and over the phone 

8. Places to check out:

        - More Tech Resources on campus 

        - Moffitt Library: get help, check out equipment, reserve a study room, explore the makerspace

         - Amazon Lockers: Prime 6 months free with .edu email