To download and install Adobe Creative Cloud:

1. Navigate to <>, and sign in with your Calnet ID using the Single Sign On option on the left.  
2. Under the “Students” tab, click on the “Adobe” tab. You should see Adobe Creative Cloud suite listed.

3. Click on Creative Cloud, then on the next screen, click Add to Cart:

4. Proceed through the checkout process. This entails answering survey-type questions, such as, “where did you hear about this service?” or “is this software required for school?” It will also require an electronic signature with your Calnet username and full name, confirming that you agree to the terms and conditions.
5. Note the redemption code in red (copy it) and then click on (the blue link below the large Redeem Now button - DO NOT click on the Redeem now button).

6. You will be taken to a new webpage, <>, and on this screen, you can sign up for an Adobe ID by filling out the form.  If you already have one, then click Sign In underneath the big “sign up” button.  

7. Fill out the “Tell us about your academic status” form, then click “continue.”

8. Enter your redemption code (you can just paste it into the first box, and it will autofill across the rest), and click Activate Membership.    

9. Under “Keep Your Membership Current” select “Remind Me Later.”  As stated on the onthehub site, “When redeeming the Creative Cloud redemption code at, WAH and Student users should NOT opt-in for auto renewal and should NOT provide any credit card information.”
You should see this screen:

10. On the following screen, click Download Creative Cloud App.

11. The installer should appear in your Downloads folder.
12. Double click the .dmg file (Macs), or the .exe file (PC) then double click the red installer box:

13. On the warning that may pop up, click Open.
14. Enter your Admin password for your computer, if requested.
15. Creative Cloud installs a menu bar applet, on both Mac and Windows OS so from there, check the box that you read the terms and conditions, and click Continue
16. You’re then given some options to explore the Creative Cloud:  

17. If you click the first option, “Install or Update an Application”, you can scroll through and select which applications you want to “try” (new install) and which you want to update, if you already have some Adobe Apps installed:

18. That’s it! You should be all set to enjoy Adobe CC.