Personalized campus and social resources for the UC Berkeley student. Add your friends, then share schedules and see when everyone is free. Find people in your classes to study with. Check and manage your meal points balance with our tracker. View dining halls menus, and library hours.

Check out the app on the UC Berkeley account on the app store:

"I usually don't write reviews, but this is the app to have for Berkeley students. It is a MUST HAVE. It combines everything cal related into one, ranging from knowing your meal points to comparing your schedule with your friends. I'm surprised it has not garnered more publicity."

"This app has been crucial to my time here at Cal! My favorite aspect is the easy access to meal points and library/dining hall schedules. It has also let me plan my school schedule with friends much more efficiently. Overall, great app! :)"

"A must have for Berkeley students. Includes dining hall menus, library hours, schedules of friends, and of course your own schedule. Clean design and easy to use."