To download and install Microsoft Office:

1. Navigate to <>, and sign in with your Calnet ID using the Single Sign On option on the left.  
3. Under the “students” tab, click on the “Microsoft” tab
3. Select the desired product from among the first three choices. Mac users should choose “Microsoft Office for Mac 2011,” PC users have a choice between Office 2010 and Office 2013

4. Click on “add to cart"
5. Click on “check out"
6. Select the product that you ordered
7. Fill in your electronic signature and agree to the terms. The first box requires your Calnet username, the second box is your full name as printed right below the box. Then click “I accept.”
8. You will be asked to fill out a questionnaire, please answer all the questions and then click “next.”
9. Fill out your contact information, then click “proceed with order.”
10. Fill out the profile information, then click next.
11. In the next screen, be sure to note the product key and write it down. The product key will be a 25- character key in red.

12. Click on the “proceed with order” button. It should take you to an instructions page with two files to download.

13. Click on the “step 1” button to download the first file, a .sdm file. Double click on it and follow the instructions to install.
14. Click on the “step 2” button to download the second file, a .sdx file. Double click on it open the file. 
PC users will see the following screen, or similar:

15. The first three downloads are for 32 bit operating systems. If your computer uses a 32-bit operating system, click “start download” for the first bar on top. If your computer uses a 64-bit operating system, click “start download” for the first bar in the second group of downloads (4th bar from the top). If you are unsure about which one your computer uses, go to the start menu, click on “computer,” click on system properties, and look under the category “system type.” Most computers today use a 64-bit operating system. Do not download both! Just the one you need.
16. Mac users will see a screen more like this one: Simply download the first bar, not the second one.

17. Click “launch” once the download is complete
18. Now all the Office programs should be installed in your computer. Select any of them (Word, Excel, etc.) and open it. You will need to activate your product. THIS MUST BE DONE WITHIN 30 DAYS OF THE DOWNLOAD. Rather than activating via a Office 360 Subscription, click on the link that says “activate with a product key instead.” Now enter your 25-character product key from earlier.
19. You are all set!