1. Sign into bConnected/bCal.
  2. The student must apply for Matlab license by filling out the following form - make sure you are signed in to bCal first: https://docs.google.com/a/berkeley.edu/forms/d/1k6OptHOc5pvmluyfVLnhB2AgVZLZV0mGrGAvQYGvIYc/viewform This form can be found also by going to software.berkeley.edu and clicking on ‘Matlab.’
  3. Create a MathWorks account at https://www.mathworks.com/mwaccount/register
  4. Once the license is obtained (email response from step 2), log in to your MathWorks account, go to “my account” and enter the product key under “my licenses.”
  5. You will be able to download the installer for the latest Matlab edition, currently R2015a. Make sure you select the appropriate OS (Windows 32-bit, Windows 64-bit, Mac, or Linux)
  6. For the rest of this guide, please ignore the step numbers in orange – you may notice some step numbers are missing but the installation guide is correct. For the first step below, please select the “log in with MathWorks account” option.
  7. Note that the student can download Matlab on as many personal computers as he/she wants but will need to provide an estimate of how many they plan to sue when they get the key.
  8. Refer to https://software.berkeley.edu/MATLAB_FAQs for any other questions.
Select the license that shows up and then click "next"
Select the desired products or toolboxes to install. All of them are pre-selceted by default. 
Before it begins installing the software, the installer displays a summary of your installation. To change a setting, click Back. To proceed with the installation, click Install.