Mobile App competition 2015

1st Place StudyWithMe! -An iOS app that makes it easy for students to find study groups so they can learn more effectively and get to know their classmates better. First, to create a study group, students simply input the class, the location, and the duration. Once the study group is created, other students who are taking the same class will receive a notification and be able to see it in a list or map view. They can even ask for more information about it in the study group’s chat room so they can join in the fun of group studying!

2nd Place SecureMe -The app students secure their Android devices by helping them with certain settings like PIN/password/pattern-enabled lock screens, encryption enabled, location services, etc.

3rd Place myCal -The app seeks to consolidate Berkeley resources in one place. With myCal you can send and confirm friend requests, see your schedule, customize your schedule, compare schedules with friends, see who's free at any given time and contact them, find people in your classes to form study groups, view daily dining hall menus, keep track of your meal points, check library hours, and keep up to date with campus events with Daily Cal integration.

Other Submissions:

PACKD -The app tells students and other members of the community how busy the RSF is before they go. It also provides the user with a predictive graph built from 3 years of past data from Rec Sports. We hope to save many collective hours of frustration caused by having to wait for machines, and maximize usage of a fantastic facility that works to improve physical and mental wellbeing on our campus. Check out the live site at: